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Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing. - Peter Drucker

In an age when humankind has the hope of world peace, but the technology for total annihilation, it is now more important than ever for every human to have as relevant and accurate understanding as possible of this interconnected world, and this understanding must start with education.

The Effective Education Projects are a diverse set of endeavors that all share common aim and beliefs that all work together to raise the world's consciousness and standard of living. Our official projects share core philosophies and strategies to raise our learning, and as such there are core skills, knowledge, and attitudes that need to be learned by participants, further participants should be familiar with the General Standards of the Effective Education Projects.

These websites are hosted by Siteground. We are also still transitioning articles from the original wiki.

Current Actively Developed Projects

Highlands Community Charter School

Jacob is working with a team to build a new adult-serving charter school that will focus on serving the unserved. You can find more information at Highlands Community Charter School's website.

The Open Charter/College of Computer Science

Emeritus University

Zotero Collection of Secondary Research

Utilizing a Zotero Group for the Effective Education Projects we collect and share research that support the projects such that, to paraphrase Newton, we can build them upon the shoulder's of giants

Projects on the "Back Burner"

Schools of Thought

Effective education inherently is contextual to a learner, and generally to a target audience. Further effective education must be contextual to the current and future needs and wants of the learners. Thus, for different types of target audiences with different current and future needs and desires, the type of system that will be best, can be radically different. Thus the schools listed here are often very different from each, although each is likely to be effective for the group it serve, because each is differentiated for its audience.

STEAM-Based Curricula and Educational Activities

A School of Thought, is a system of education being developed that centers around types of educational activities. These activities are grouped by type of activity, and traditional academic subjects are woven within, in the context of being tools to use within the systems we participate in.

Ex-Offender Education Systems

The Ex-Offender Education Systems is a group of schools that will often use the model of being California Adult Charter Schools which will serve the citizens of California through education that facilitates the transformation of tax-costing criminals to tax-paying citizens.

Target Audience: Ex-Offenders who are looking to rebuild their lives and get a job, such that they can finish paying their debt to society.

California Career Tech High School and College

The California Career Tech High School and College is currently being designed to show that with proper systems thinking, a school can give students excellent career AND academic education, which pays expert teachers a professional salary.

Target Audience: Parents and teenagers that want to learn knowledge and skills that can get them a good career, and for parents to learn better teaching skills, and gain academic recognition for their parental work.

Schools of Non-Institutional Education

The Schools of Non-Institutional Education are not really schools, but it is a website that allows autodidacts (those who are mostly self-taught) to have quick access to learning resources on the Internet and also information about how to get societal recognition for the self-learning and other non-traditional learning methods.

Target Audience: People who want to learn on their own terms, and do it themselves, but would still like societal recognition for their self-learning.

University of Thought

College of Effective Education

The College of Effective Education is one of the newest projects, but likely the first one to get most implemented. It will offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field of education, and is is part of the University of Thought system. While currently unaccredited and without students, it is now being built to gain both of these.

A To-Be-Named Market-Based Online College

This project has not yet started due to constraints of needing programmers or enough time where I can program it. But the basic concept is to develop a university where assessment is separated from instruction, such that credits are earned through CLEP tests, and other such industry-recognized college assessments. Instruction would then be negotiated between student and professor. Venture capitalists interested in more information should email me.

Target Audience: People wanting a college degree at the best price they can get.

Technology of Thought Projects

Technology of Thought projects are those that help create or improve technology that can assist within the learning process, and supports all the other projects. Our shared Technology Standards comes from these projects.

Publication of Thought Projects

Peer-Reviewed Primary Research

While ideas start informally and vaguely, if they are of worth, they should become more concrete and able to pass the review of peers. The Effective Education Projects is creating several peer-reviewed journals to do just that for both ideas from itself and ideas from others.

Objectives of Thought is a peer-reviewed real-time electronic academic journal for contextual research regarding Educational Objectives, Educational Content Standards, and Educational Outcomes.

Lessons of Thought is a peer-reviewed real-time electronic academic journal for the study and improvement of lessons and other educational activities. It uses a cyclic methodology that merges peer-review with the continual improvement method of PDSA.

Apparel of Thought

Corporations and marketers brand clothing and accessories to sell their products by training our minds through continual exposure. Why not choose a message of thought to share as a walking billboard? Apparel of Thought places educational content on clothing and accessories that either directly educates, or can be used as a teaching tool for educators. All funds earned are used for the Effective Education Projects.

The Human Democratic News

The Human Democratic News is a system of delivering information about current events to Americans, which specifically uses a methodology such that the amount of coverage of a topic is proportional to the number of humans affected by an event, thus the OJ Simpson trial would never have received any coverage, while an earthquake in Pakistan that killed hundred of thousands would have a lot of coverage.

Target Audience: Americans who truly believe their Declaration of Independence means "All Humans are Created Equal"

Quality of Thought Project

A system of continual improvement supports all Effective Education Projects. This system will likely someday become more independent to have better objective evaluation and judgement of the organizations it supports.