Providing Professional Development

For any service offered by Effective Education Solutions, professional staff development is one of the key components, because without having staff understand what has been implemented, and how they can use it effectively, the project will not have the optimal impact.

But how this development is provided, is dependent upon the particular project, and the client needs.  We never attempt to have a “one size fits all” approach.  And when we conduct staff development, we follow the following 5 best practices:

  • Provide different types of staff development to different stakeholders
  • Customize the style of staff development to the specific stakeholder’s roles, needs, and knowledge level
  • Ensure all staff development activities are interactive with plenty of practice
  • Treat all staff as professionals, but do not assume they know everything.  Have a safe learning environment for them.
  • Reduce organizational inertia by having followup communications and learning activities with appropriate staff members


Any project is not complete until the appropriate staff have sufficient knowledge and skills to put the results of the project into operation.

Thus, professional development is a capstone to all effective education solutions.


Professional Development
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