California “Alternative” Teacher Credentialing Consulting

Schools in California often have a shortage of properly qualified teachers. But most administrators do not realize that there are legitimate alternatives that can be used to ensure properly credentialed teachers are instructing their classes.

For nearly a decade, I have delved into Education Code, and regulations from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, and have learned that there are legitimate alternatives to traditional Single Subject and Multiple Subject teaching credentials, and that these alternatives are aligned to two of the educational causes that I support most:

  • Integrating academic and career technical education (CTE) in K-12 education and college
  • Supporting adult learners who are in a limbo between K-12 and college

With the Adult Charter School Knowledge Center, I have written a detailed written legal research report for adult-serving charter schools about using Designated Subjects Adult Education credentials, which is available to members.  And for integrating academic and CTE education, I wrote Complying with California Education Code 51225.3(B) Through Integrated Curriculum Taught by CTE Credentialed Teachers, which was published in an SSRN e-journal.



Highlands Community Charter School needed to have teachers who were well qualified to teach their classes, but many of these teachers did not have traditional teaching credentials. Legitimate methods were found to allow great instructors to become school teachers.


Highlands Community Charter School


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