Grant Writing Strategies – Getting an Edge – Feb 14, 2018




Grants are never “free money”. First, they take time to write, and then they have strings attached. But even with these costs and requirements, they can be hugely beneficial to a school, college, or other educational organization. That is, if you actually <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>get</strong></span> the grant!

So how do you get the odds to be in your favor?  Most grant writers don’t want to share their secrets, because writing grants is their “bread and butter”.  But, in this webinar, I’m going to be sharing my best strategies, that have helped me earn over a million dollars of funding for the schools that I have helped.

I believe the return on investment for any organization will be huge…  The price of a short webinar, can earn tens or even sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars…


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