Jacob Walker, M.S. Ed.

Educational Technology Leader

Managers get people to do what needs to be done.  Leaders get them to do this because they want to.  The quickest mistake an IT manager can make is view their position as having power over a department, instead of viewing their colleagues as valuable knowledge workers whom the manager has the role of coordinating and supporting in the decision making process.  By managing with trust and respect, managers will receive that trust and respect as well, making for a better team.

I pride myself on both being able to both lead a team of technicians and also when appropriate dive into the details of the technology of a project myself.  I also can speak "human" as well as "nerd", which allows me to interact well with upper management, teachers, the board, and other stakeholders.  As technology is only as good as its ability to support the needs of the organization and its stakeholders.

Effective Education Solutions / Data Actionism

As an independent consultant working in both the field of education and technology, I decided to use different branding for the two different facets, with "Effective Education Solutions" being the brand I use for school consulting, and "Data Actionism" being the brand I use for non-educational consulting.  To best understand some of the work I have done, I recommend checking out my portfolios at www.EffectiveEducation.org/portfolio and www.DataActionism.com/portfolio

Highlands Community Charter and Technical Schools
Co-founder / Coordinator
  • Coordination of IT
    • Coordinated technicians to solve end user problems and deploy educational technology
    • Developed needs assessments, scopes of work, and procured hardware, software, and services for operations and education.
    • Recommended and developed policies, regulations, and procedures related to technology use
    • Developed strategic plans for the department, along with being the primary data architect
    • Planned and implemented staff development and training related to technology
    • Developed parts of a school data dashboard, including a weekly snapshot of attendance and revenue.
    • Customized and integrated the school's data systems to fit the school and student needs better.
  • School Development
  • Coordinating Academics
    • Planned and managed the development of standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment plans and strategies.
    • Provided subject matter expertise regarding student transfer credits and other prior learning assessments.
Heald College Online
Full-Time Faculty of Information Technology
  • As a Professor, taught three sections of Spreadsheet Essentials (COMPAPP123)
  • Was a member of the Quality Student Feedback team, developing guidelines for faculty about providing feedback to students.
  • Performed institutional research to understand online retention rates
  • Automated several processes through the use of advanced spreadsheets (including VBA programming)
Twin Rivers Adult School (Formerly Grant Adult Education)
Technician, Database Administrator, Institutional Researcher, Technology Instructor
  • Technology Leadership
    • Coordinated the work of a small team of technicians and technician student interns
    • Administered servers and databases
    • Provided support to end users
    • Provided professional development to teachers and classified employees
  • Educator and Educational Leader
    • Instructed Adults in Microsoft Excel, Databases with Analysis, Security, advanced (work study) technician program, and more
    • Primary researcher for data driven decision making, grant applications, accreditation and mandated reports
    • Coordinated the Financial Aid Department, designated as the Chief Financial Aid Director (2011-2013)
Psyberware Communications
Lead Technician and Trainer, Board Member
  • Lead Technician and Trainer
    • Founding employee who helped take the company from from start-up to the maturation of a medium-sized company.
    • Led the technical support department, training new technicians, and helping all of us to provide excellent customer service.
    • Provided technology classes to customers on how to use their computer and the Internet
  • Board Member - Treasurer
    • Became a board member after leaving employment with the company.
    • Deliberated over decisions affecting the entire company
    • Specific issues included health benefits for employees, and negotiations about a trademark dispute with a local company
    • As Treasurers, I worked with the accountant, president, and CEO about financial issues
Support Technician
  • Provided phone support throughout the United States to customers who were blind or visually impaired
  • Solved customer problems with adaptive technology, including screen readers and braille displays.
University of South Africa
Doctoral Student
  • On a leave of absence from my doctoral studies and research. 
  • Research employs data mining methods to look for correlations between educational factors and outcomes
NOVA Southeastern University
Master of Science in Brain-Based Teaching
  • My master's research project focused on using gamification with technology to instruct critical thinking skills.
  • Focused on how to use knowledge from the neurosciences to improve classroom instruction and education in general.
  • Placed in the 99th Percentile on the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal
Charter Oak State College
Bachelors of Science, Individualized Studies in Technology, Education, and Systems
  • Graduated with Honors
California State University Sacramento
  • Originally in the Bachelors of Vocational Education Program
  • Transferred to Charter Oak State College
Sierra College
Associate of Arts in Computer Science - Management Information Systems
Skills and Knowledge
Desktop and Handheld Operating Systems / Platforms
Windows (all versions), Android, Linux (various distributions), Macs, iOS, etc.
Networking and Server Administration
Windows, Linux, and SQL Servers; router configuration; troubleshooting; security
Student Information Systems (SIS)
PowerSchool, School Pathways, ASAP, AERIES, Gibbon, Veracross, Aspen, and others.
Microsoft Office
Using, Installing, and Troubleshooting
Telephony (including VoIP), Audio/Video
Installing, Setup, Operating, Sound Engineering, etc.
Computer Programming
R, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Java, SQL, VBA, & C
COMPTIA A+ Certified Professional
Lifetime Certification
Microsoft Office Excel® 2010 Expert Certification
Earned a perfect score of 1000 out of 1000
Microsoft Office Word 2010 Expert Certification
Professional Association Memberships
International Educational Data Mining Society
Citizen Science Association
California Administrative Services Credential
Designated Subjects Career Technical Education Teaching Credential: Full Time
Information Technology; Education, Child Development, and Family Services; Arts, Media, and Entertainment
Awards and Accomplishments
Teacher of the Year
2010-2011 Twin Rivers Adult School
Primary author of two of the California Career Technical Education (CTE) Model Curriculum Standards
For Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the Information Support and Services and Software and Systems Development pathways.