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The Secret PowerSchool Technical Manual: Unintended Consequences of Plugins

PowerSchool LogoOne of the reasons our school chose to go with PowerSchool, is that it has a higher degree of customization than many other SIS products.  And when we first started with PowerSchool, we had a great consultant come out and help train our techs on how do much of this customization, and at the same time, he helped us do some of the initial customizations we needed.  And in the end, to help us implement these customizations, he wrapped them up in to a plugin, and we were able to easily install them.  And we thought that it would be easy for us to continue to customize things….

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SIS Review: PowerSchool – The U.S. Market Leader, but not Perfect

When Highlands Community Charter School recently was looking to switch to a new SIS, we ultimately chose PowerSchool, and for the past month, I’ve been working intensely to migrate from our previous system (School Pathways) to PowerSchool.  Overall this process has been smooth, but it has also highlighted to me some clear problems that PowerSchool has, and why one shouldn’t only choose a product because it has the most market share.

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