Affiliated Consultants

Effective Education Solutions can often provide services with a team of one: Jacob Walker.  But where there is a need for a larger team to get things done, he has a go-to group of expert consultants that can be called upon to produce results for clients.

Allen Young

Allen has an expertise in school leadership and building teams that work, including working with a diverse set of stakeholders, at many different levels, including local, city, county, state, and national. He cares deeply about improving social justice, with a focus on supporting marginalized students.  As a member of the Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, he knows first hand about the challenges Native Americans face, and the history of oppression and worse that led to current problems, and works to find solutions, especially through education. Effective Education Solutions often works with Allen on projects involving charter schools, including work with adult-serving charter schools.

Lara Fordis, M.A.

Lara is the Principal Consultant with Fordis Market Research & Consulting.  Her expertise is in analysis using surveys, interviews, and observations for market research and improving other business practices.  She has a passion to support education, and has brought her years of research experience to focus on supporting charter schools.  Effective Education Solutions calls upon her expertise in doing surveys, interviews, and observations to ensure that the results are trustworthy, and actionable.

Helen Levy-Myers

Helen is the founder and CEO of Athena’s Workshop. Her expertise is in using big data analysis from school databases and other public and private data sources to address chronic absenteeism and school success. She has a passion to help those on the front lines of this issue and is the manager of the LinkedIn Leaders for Chronic Absenteeism Solutions group. Data Actionism works with Hellen on all questions about chronic absenteeism and school data analysis to Helen and calls upon her experience in using data to answer key questions about attendance, student academic success and engagement.