Two Thought Provoking, and Controversial, Articles about Education

Yesterday, I found “It’s Time To Admit College Is Driven By Speculation — Not Investment” and the other was “Is The End Near for Public Education…?” from LinkedIn Pulse in my inbox.  The claims by both seem overstated, but are they wrong?   I believe they both can’t be completely right, yet to ignore their arguments would be folly.

The common thread from both is that technology may be the game changer…  But as I posted recently about MOOCs, we haven’t yet seen this game change.  And much of that probably has to do with our expectations of what “education” means and the structures society has built to determine “legitimacy”.

There is also contradiction between the two situations brought up by the articles.  Regarding colleges, while not mentioned in the article, it is clear that many for-profit colleges have amplified the problems mentioned. For example my former employer Corinthian, had big issues.  Which I think were properly lampooned by John Oliver.

Yet, a lack of competition in education also causes problems, and The Economist recently posted an excellent article about how private schools are helping many developing countries.  This is why I believe charter schools, while not a perfect system, are good overall, and going in the right direction.

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