I passed the CPACE to become a School Administrator!

CPACE LogoIn February I took the California Preliminary Administrative Credential Examination (CPACE), which is a test that one can take to earn a California Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. And today, I found out I passed both the video and written tests!

I already have a Designated Subjects Supervision & Coordination Credential, which is good for adult education and career technical education (and in charter schools a credential is not required).  In gaining a full Administrative Services Credential it now gives me more future options (such as principalships or directorships within a traditional school district), and brings a little more “legitimacy” to being the Coordinator of Academics with Highlands Community Charter School.

So while I’ve had to delay getting my doctorate for at least another year (due to UNISA’s bureaucracy and lack of time), this gives me an educational accomplishment for the year!

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