Thought of the Day: Learning Curves, Development Time, and New Jobs

Graph of a Learning CurveFor  those who read my blog or Facebook, you probably noticed that I haven’t been posting very regularly for the past several weeks.  This is mostly due to my new job with Heald College Online, where colloquially I will say there has been a “steep learning curve”, or more appropriately a “steep development curve”.

It is interesting that the technical meaning of “learning curve” and the common meaning, even among those who have had a great deal of formal education, are kind of opposite.  Since technically by the original definition of “learning curve”, the steeper it is, the quicker one is learning.  Although maybe they aren’t exactly opposite, because it seems the colloquial meaning maybe isn’t about how much we are learning quickly, but how hard it feels and how much time it is taking beyond our usual time usage.

In either case, since starting to instruct an introductory spreadsheet course with Heald, I have had to develop a lot of tools and procedures to do this in an online environment and to do it within Heald’s expectations.   This has thus far taken up around 50 to 60 hours of work per week, but the development time right now should make my future processes more efficient and effective such that they can be done more quickly and with a more positive outcome for my students.   But for the next month or so, I will only be posting sporadically as my time is taken up in this development process.

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