Month: January 2014

7 Grant Writing Tips and “Best Practices”

Picture of a Grant Writing Diagram. Source: Anna Lena Schiller
This diagram was created to help WikiMedia get grants, but is also relevant to other organizations.

Recently I have been asked by Twin Rivers Adult School to help in the writing of their WIA Title II Grant Application.  Like many grants, this one is a team effort, where the subject matter experts are being asked to primarily write the portions of the grant that correspond  to their area of expertise.  But, not all of these subject matter experts have done a lot of grant writing, and while I don’t want to claim that I have done a tremendous amount of grant writing myself, I have written a few in different contexts that have been successful in receiving an award.  So based upon my previous experience I wanted to write up some tips for my fellow subject matter experts at Twin Rivers, and also given that they are a publicly funded school, thought I should make this knowledge available to the world at large.

While I make no guarantees (and bear no liability) that the advice I’m sharing here will produce good results, I will explain my rationale for each “best practice” so you can make your own decision about whether to follow my advice or not.  (I really don’t like the phrase “best practice”, but I’ll use it for now, as it is what is commonly used.)

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