Agile Education

My recent post about advice to a new teacher got me thinking more about how the “agile” method of doing things: using feedback loops to make iterative improvements, generally quickly and on a small scale, is a theme of how education can be improved at many levels.  I think I need to explore this idea more.  In fact, I gave some thought to using the idea for my doctoral thesis, but I don’t think that is the right platform, as doctoral theses are more “waterfall” in how they are done, with formalization and committees and other bureaucratic factors all over the place, which is in some ways the antithesis of agile…   But does it have to be that way?  Is there a way to have education be both agile AND accountable?  Software development has seemed to have found a way to do both, and one can make the argument that agile software development is more accountable to the end-user.  Could agile education be more accountable to the student (and parent(s)?).

This is just a start to the idea.  There has been only a little written about the idea in education, at least with the term “agile education” (Although I’m sure the concept probably exists under several other terms, and it will take work with the literature to find these.)

But following agile educational principles, I think I will try to develop my ideas on the topic in an agile way.  Such as starting with this blog entry.

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