• “Efficiency is doing things right.
      Effectiveness is doing the right thing.”

      – Peter Drucker

    Schools and colleges spend a tremendous amount of money each year towards educating their students.  But is this money producing truly effective results, or just the status quo?
  • “A journey of a thousand miles…
      starts with a single thought”

    To change, we must first change our thoughts. This is not easy, as we have built a plethora of habitual thoughts.  But it is possible, and necessary to make lasting change in an individual or an organization.
  • “Think about every problem, every challenge, we face.
      The solution to each starts with education.”

      – George H. W. Bush

    With every technological advancement of humankind, there is greater ability to build a world that works for all… yet, paradoxically, also the potential for our destruction.  Thus the hope for humanity rests with what we learn.
  • “In these uncertain times, with answers hard to find…
      questions are more important than ever.”

    Our next generation, and our current generation, need to discern the truth from the misinformation.  And this requires imparting both an open mind and sufficient skepticism to our students.
  • “The mind is not a vessel to be filled,
      but a fire to be kindled.”
    – Plutarch

    To reach students, we must reach first that which interests and inspires them.  And only then will the content be valuable.

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  • [You are] the best teacher I have ever had.  You have patience, understanding, and make learning fun, and enjoyable.  I’ve learned more in your class than I ever thought I could… It’s the first time I have ever enjoyed learning.

  • A teacher you see is a special breed; They take the time to expand one’s mind, and when in doubt, you ask about, and they will help you figure it out. And in time, as you will see, you have a mind more than you see.  So thank you Teachers for teaching me, and giving me back my dignity.

  • Jacob is an educator who has shown outstanding dedication to improving the field of education and helping to improve practice in California… Working with Jacob, I directly observed his personal commitment to improving education, and getting things “right”.  He took his task of helping to revise the standards very seriously, and pulled from his personal expertise, as well as interviewing other experts, and doing additional research to determine what skills and knowledge are most important for an entry level employee to know when entering the field.  He was able to draw from both academic theory and practical knowledge in the process.

  • Jacob Walker is dedicated to serving the common good and promoting social change.  I would highly recommend Jacob to any visionary organization that wants someone who is willing to think in new ways and help their team to achieve its full potential.

  • Dear Mr. Jacob Walker: Congratulations on being named a 2010 Twin Rivers Unified School District Teacher of the Year…  I join with your students, community, and the school district in commending you for your outstanding work in the classroom.

  • Jacob is one of the most skilled people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and knowing. Whether it be data science, programming, or education, Jacob seems to always have it in the bag. His dedication to his work shows with his incredible learning skills and knowledge. Jacob can truly overcome any task that comes before him, and it was an honor to have him mentor me to learn those great traits.

  • We are very pleased to be able to launch UC Davis Extension’s “Data Use for School Improvement“… [Jacob’s] insight and feedback were invaluable in developing a program to meet the needs of a variety of stakeholders in the field